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There are many possible subjects: in an urban context, on an operational industrial site, on a brownfield site, with pollutant problems, whether organic or inorganic, recalcitrant or not, and affecting soils, the surface water table, the deep water table, etc.

Biogénie responds to your soil and water table contamination problems via a strategy that is systematically adapted to suit your context. By integrating robust and efficient decontamination technologies, by always being transparent with you concerning the risks inherent in this type of project, BIOGENIE gives you security in terms of costs and deadlines.

Biogénie: the ideal partner for your real estate projects

Combining proven experience in multi-process management, earthworks in an urban environment, the rigour of a design office specialising in environmental engineering and with its own processing centres, BIOGENIE provides perfect traceability of your soils and quality service provision in terms of safety. OUR PRIORITIES: TRACEABILITY, OPTIMISE YOUR BUDGETS AND GUARANTEE YOUR DEADLINES

Making your life easier and controlling your costs

Thanks to its logistics team, its large and loyal network of transport partners, and its NAVterres platform, BIOGENIE offers you extremely efficient transport and processing services that are responsive and respect the highest environmental standards.

After bioprocessing,

your soils are used in particular to set up waste storage facilities

(storage lockers, tracks and


After processing, the soils are (chemically) biostabilised, their agricultural capability is preserved, and they satisfy all the points stipulated in our bye-laws concerning the procedures for their reclamation.

by implementing high-performance and complementary technologies, like biopile, forced suction; thermal desorption, soil washing, kneading/screening, Biogénie offers a global solution to your contaminated soil problems… always with a view to enhancing value

Through its washing or kneading/screening facilities, BIOGENIE produces noble, perfectly inert materials that are useful for civil engineering works (various fill materials, construction materials, etc.): sands (0/4), type 4/20, 20/60, 0/31.5 siliceous rubble.



A logistics centre that supports your soil treatment and transport operations whilst optimising flows (via our Nav@terres platform)


Solutions to suit your pollution problems


Response times observed

Quality / Safety

Our certifications: guarantees of our excellence

ISO 14001 – ISO9001 – MASE – LNE


To track your projects better:

– A soil reception log is sent to you by the next day

– Waste tracking slips are sent to you at month end


We offer you recycled materials on our platforms so that you can get the fill material you need at lower cost and optimise your transport costs via return loads.


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