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Biogénie is a remediation contractor dedicated to earthworks, sorting, and management of excavated materials extracted in the context of real estate development projects; it also addresses your water table drawdown and water treatment problems.

As an urban projects specialist, this construction division carries out around 50 earthworks projects each year, and manages 650,000 tonnes of inert, non-inert, and polluted soils.

A global offer that addresses all problems:

• Four permanent treatment facilities implementing technologies for the treatment of soils contaminated by organic and inorganic pollutants:

– Biological treatment (hydrocarbons)

– Wet process sorting of soils by particle size (heavy metals)

– A thermal desorption solution for strongly contaminated soils

– Everything necessary for soil reclamation (SETRA and TEX)

• A logistics centre providing the trucks and barges necessary for the management of the volumes and rates imposed by your project

• Personnel with significant experience in the field of earthworks in an urban setting

• Thorough knowledge of the market players and outlets

Running a project efficiently means being able to guarantee its success

According to the objectives and the nature of the land, decontamination projects are conducted either on site or off site at one of our treatment facilities, to which the soils to be treated are transported.

Each rehabilitation project is viewed as a custom project, for which a single contact person coordinates all the participants. By employing our internal resources appropriately, and supported if necessary by carefully-chosen subcontractors, we are able to guarantee the delivery times and results of our work.


Soil reclamation

Based on solid knowledge of soils, the SETRA guides, and excavated soils (TEX), as well as a geotechnical characterisation of the materials, Biogénie has already treated nearly 150,000 tonnes of technical excavated materials in development projects.

Biogénie makes thousands of tonnes of soil available at any time to satisfy the need for landfill materials.

Clear positioning!

Biogénie is one of the few companies in this sector that specialises exclusively in decontamination work.

When you work with BIOGENIE, you know you are speaking to a specialist in this type of work.

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